Operating a Business
The Town of Hilton Head requires any business operating withing the limits of the Town, including home occuptions to obtain a business license. If you are thinking about operating a business see the Town of Hilton Head website under the section Frequently Asked Questions.

Public Safety
The Hilton head Town website [] offers a comprehensive overview of public safety issues including hurricane evacuation information to emergency phone numbers.


The 2010 census reported that the Town of Hilton Head Island population was 37,000. This is more than double the 1985 population of approximately 17,000 when the incorporated town was brand new.

Hilton Head Island didn’t have electricity until 1950, which was 30 years after electricity was common across the United States.

The First Shopping Center
The first shopping center on the island was established in 1955 – now called Coligny Plaza. One year later the first supermarket was opened at Coligny Plaza. Today we have 13 supermarkets with one more on the drawing board.

The First Golf Course
The first island golf course was built in Sea Pines Plantation in 1960 [The Ocean Course].

The Airport
The Hilton Head Island airport began operation in 1967. A tiny terminal was located on the opposite side of where it is now, and served more commercial flights on a daily basis.

Telephone Service
Telephone service was first introduced to the island in 1958.

Real Estate Sales
The first oceanfront lot was sold in 1958 for $5,350.