Our Residents. One of Hilton Head’s Greatest Treasures

Have you discovered, as I have, that Hilton Head Island is a great place for a treasure hunt? Wherever you explore, you will find something of remarkable value. These discoveries can’t help but generate excitement. Our citizens are among these treasures.

Last December, Town Council identified the Master-Planning and Transportation Study of the Coligny Circle to Sea Pines Circle District as a priority. Incredibly, here on Hilton Head Island, we have three former state transportation directors each willing to volunteer their time and talents to our Town in order to achieve the excellent transportation and planning solutions we need to benefit our Island. Treasures!

Setting Priorities
Your Town Council is comprised of unique individuals representing a diversity of Islanders. We came together this past December along with members of staff at a workshop that extended beyond its’ original schedule because of the magnitude of issues and opportunities faced by our community.


The Top Priorities developed by this hardworking group include the previously mentioned Circle-to-Circle district as well as:

  • – Vision/Master Plan for the Island
  • – Arts and Culture Collaborative Study
  • – USCB Campus Development
  • – The Mitchelville Project
  • – Water/Sanitary Sewer Service Policies and Plans


Other High Priorities were identified:

  • – A complete inventory and analysis of Town-owned land
  • – Initiating the Economic Development Corporation Plans and Initiatives
  • – Forging a Workforce Housing Policy
  • – Town and Community Organization financial/performance oversight and review
  • – A comprehensive Town dredging policy
  • – A schools and education strategy


You Can Participate
How is it that these priorities will become attainable action items? Your mayor, Town Council and staff are committed to these endeavors. But your participation is the treasure that I’d like to discover. Look for upcoming workshops, taskforces and public-private collaborations as your opportunity to be a treasure to your community. Communicate your thoughts and input to me at DavidB@hiltonheadislandsc.gov or speak to your Town Council representative.

This administration has already established two new Town Council Committees; the Finance and Administrative and Community Services committees and council members, John McCann and Kim Likins have been appointed to chair them. The first committee will be responsible for detailed financial oversight and establishing goals for and reviewing the performance of the Town Manager. The Community Services committee will work to develop the full potential of Hilton Head’s arts and cultural organizations. It will also identify affordable and work force housing opportunities.

Citizen of Month Search
We are always searching for the treasures in our community. Please bring to our attention Island residents for consideration for the 2015 Citizen of the Month Award. There are many precious jewels out there; please let us know who they are.

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