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Environmental Stewardship is Our Trump Card

by Kim Likins - Hilton Head Island Mayor Pro Tem
Sustaining Hilton Head Island’s reputation for environmental stewardship as established by our island’s original designers should always be at the forefront of our town’s initiatives. It is important to remember that, due to the founding developers of our island, we have a public record of environmental stewardship coupled with historic and cultural respect. Our island is known for having made a difference over the past 50 years in how newly developed resort areas should be sensitive to their surroundings. Therefore, we can never take for granted the wealth of intrinsic treasures like

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Just Look What You’ve Done!

With the recent discussion about division and consensus-building, please review with me some of the work accomplished these past four years with near unanimous Town Council support. None of it was accomplished without the time and effort of citizens like you, so it's titled: Just Look What You've Done! Infrastructure? Ten miles of sewer main placed, reducing failing septic systems and eliminating the possibility of new ones. Co-sponsored the engineering study for US 278 Gateway Corridor Improvements. Paved ten dirt roads, and established an approximately $1 Million annual source for more. Extended the Hilton Head Island Airport runway to 5,000 feet, enabling

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Mayor’s Honored Island Award Recipients

The Mayor publicly recognizes those Hilton Head Island residents who make a significant sacrifice of their time, talents and/or resources, to better the community without compensation or significant public/media attention.
View the Honored Island Award recipients and their accomplishments here….

Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Service Awards

Mayor David Bennett presented 270 Hilton Head Island Middle School and High School students with the Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award at a special ceremony at the Sonesta Resort on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Mayor Bennett would like to thank the Sonesta Resort for once again hosting this fine event and their gracious generosity and wonderful southern hospitality. The ceremony presented a way to thank and honor these students who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspired others to engage in volunteer service and who have given their valuable time and effort into making a difference in our community.

All 270 students completed at least 50 hours of community service since May 1, 2017 contributing a total of nearly 33,151 volunteer hours to our community. Seventy-four of the 270 students contributed more than 150 hours of service to earn the Mayor’s Call to Service Award and 7 of the 270 students contributed more than 400 volunteer hours.

Recipients for each level included:

Bronze level recipients (50 hours or more) of the Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award presented May 16, 2018.

Silver level recipients (51 to 100 hours) of the Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award presented May 16, 2018.

Silver level recipients (51 to 100 hours) of the Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award presented May 16, 2018.

Mayor’s Call to Service recipients (More than 150 hours) of the Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award presented May 16, 2018.

Visit the Town’s website at for a complete listing of award recipient names.

Letter sent to South Carolina House Business & Commerce Subcommittee Members regarding H. 3650-S.C. Business License Standardization Act

Letter Sent to South Carolina House Labor, Commerce & Industry Committee Members Regarding H.3529 – Auxiliary Containers